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How to add Mockery assertion counts to PHPUnit

by Etienne Marais

Have you ever seen this error message when running PHPUnit with Mockery assertions? This test did not perform any assertions It's rather confusing. It needn't be though. PHPUnit (specifically this version, 7.0.2) defaults it's Mark Test As Risky flag to true if it does not cont ...

Pretend objects

by Etienne Marais

Pretend objects are things that provide the strategy for you to be able to write tests in an isolated way. Test Doubles is a generic term for any kind of pretend object used in place of the real object for testing purposes. This is a short and concise list of what these 4 pretend ...

Nyancat PHPUnit results

by Etienne Marais

PHPUnit has been a handy tool in the developer tool chain for test driven development and code design. There are some pain points that breaks development flow. The insane stack traces when you are expecting an exception and the long scroll when errors occur is enough to demotivat ...