Code is Code

Whether it works or not.

Is it worth doing?

by Etienne Marais in Leadership

The language a team speaks says a lot about their culture and way of thinking. When solving problems there are two distinct streams of focus and they have drastically different outcomes. When is it finished? vs Is it worth doing? are both equally valuable questions when buildi ...

Leadership vs Management

by Etienne Marais in Leadership

Imagine a well established development team in a product company. They have their issues but they have been good at reaching their goals for the last couple of years and are growing. Their leader receives a new opportunity and moves on so the company fills the role after a long ...

Grep with context

by Etienne Marais in Bash

Whether you are debugging an issue or monitoring a workload, log files are invaluable to your efforts. A normal strategy to look for a specific error or to find a certain piece of output is to cat <file> | grep something. This will output the lines of text that matches your ...

Vue Cli and Bulma Starter PWA

by Etienne Marais in Technical

Vue Bulma Starter App Ideas spring up at the weirdest times. They rarely keep office hours and keep me awake unless I action at least a prototype level of it. The thing I find that generally takes the longest is setting up a clean workspace and setup that will satisfy a deployed ...

Why I do what I do

by Etienne Marais in About

Why I do what I do I code because I can action the changes and ideas I want to see in the world to impact people's lives in a positive way. I value people over work and believe strongly that there is value in doing something thoroughly. I help teams solve problems in simple ways ...

How to recover from a git reset --hard

by Etienne Marais in Bash

Today I was tired after writing pretty complex code without getting up for a break. I added some Log::info statements in a file that I didn't want to commit and I hopped over to the console to reset the file but instead I did I swore pretty loudly :D Can I even recover after res ...