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How to clean your Ubuntu instance

by Etienne Marais

Keep the APT cache clean Remove old kernels safely Clean out /tmp Rotate log files Not every server is a docker provisioned fully CI/CD workflow. Sometimes you want to spin up something small for a side project or blog. Sometimes it's a dev server in the office or a small cloud ...

How to list all installed packages in size order on Ubuntu

by Etienne Marais

For someone to go and do some cleanup on their side project VM it might feel like a big task to keep the box clean, up to date and running smoothly. To see a list of packages that are installed in your Ubuntu VM, run: That does not show you the size of each package yet.

Compressing a big folder and wanting progress

by Etienne Marais

Everyone runs a bad migration at least once in their career and this happened to me a short while ago. To get back deleted data, you can spin up a google cloud vm with mysql and extract the incremental snapshot to that test database. Run the queries to get the deleted data back a ...